concrete walls all you need to know

Concrete Walls – all you need to know …

Concrete has been an integral building material for thousands of years. It is one of the most durable materials available and its impressive strength means that concrete structures boast a far longer lifespan than those made from other common building materials.  

Some of the longest standing buildings in the world are made from concrete such as the coliseum and Pantheon in Rome.

A history of concrete walls …

Concrete walls have been around throughout most of our recent history.

Many of the earliest known concrete walls were often built as a form of border control and designed to repel any potential attacks from neighbouring tribes/settlers.

One of the most famous concrete walls in history is the Great Wall of China. Built over 2000 years ago during the Qin Dynasty, its intended purpose was to keep out attacks from northern invaders.

It is the biggest man-made object in the world.

Great Wall of China

Potential advantages of using concrete for walls …

Concrete is an ideal building material. It can withstand all weather conditions and is resistant to many common issues that affect most building materials such as insects and pests as well as damp/moisture. It is also fireproof.

Here are just a few reasons why concrete is the perfect building material when used in the construction of walls:

Time saving:

The use of concrete blocks over other traditional building materials can significantly speed up the construction process.


Concrete walls offer superb insulation when used in the construction of houses. This can significantly reduce your energy use, keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The materials used in concrete are also recyclable.  

Low maintenance: 

Concrete requires very little maintenance or upkeep and is easy to paint/customise.

Gains strength over time: 

Concrete actually gets stronger as time progresses. It is one of the only known materials that can withstand environmental disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes and floods, making it a popular building material in all manner of constructions.

Noise Reduction: 

Concrete walls are great at dampening sound which is why they are perfect for use in the home. They are also built alongside major highways as a way to reduce sound.

How concrete walls are built …

Poured concrete walls are built using various forms of wooden Shuttering or Formwork.

Formwork is made up of various temporary or permanent mould’s into which the concrete is poured.

It is traditionally fabricated using timber, however steel, glass fibre and reinforced plastics can also be used.