MaxiUltimate on Agg-Net

Maxi in the News again on Agg-Net …

It’s been a busy time here at Maxi recently with the release of our new quick-drying, self-compacting screed; MaxiUltimate, already making headlines with the online publication Agg-Net.

Our new faster drying screed is the latest addition to the Maxi ReadyMix line of products and is now available to order direct from our website.

Like all of our products, MaxiUltimate has under gone numerous revisions as well as rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality finish.

And all the hard work has paid off as last month MaxiUltimate featured on, the online information hub for aggregates and other related heavy construction industries.

You can read the full article here.  

maxi ultimate brand new flowing floor screed

Why MaxiUltimate on Agg-Net?

MaxiUltimate is similar to our MaxiGyvlon screed, offering both a reduced drying time (14-28 days depending on conditions) and excellent compresive strength.

It also comes with two other very important benefits.

  • MaxiUltimate is perfect for use on internal domestic floors offering exceptional thermal conductivity and can also be applied in wet areas.
  • It is compatible for use with all underfloor heating systems and can also you save you valuable time when laying.

We believe that the addition of MaxiUltimate to our ever-growing range of products demonstrates our commitment to driving the brand forward and we hope to be able to continue offering our customers new and exciting products in the future.

Order your MaxiUltimate today …

Looking for a high quality, fast drying screed solution? Click Here to order our MaxiUltimate self-compacting screed or use our concrete calculator first to work out the exact quantity you require for your project. For more information on MaxiUltimate or any of our other products here at Maxi, you can also call us direct on 0116 289 1234.

Alternatively, you can visit our Contact Us page to message us directly. We can supply all domestic and commercial projects in the Leicestershire area direct from our state of the art Liebherr Betomix 2.66m3 twin shaft, wet batch plant in Whetstone, Leicester.

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