Maxi Delivery Lorries in Leicester

Maxi Readymix Set For Further Expansion Across The Midlands

The concrete giant Maxi has been on an upward trajectory for many months now, and they’re only going to get bigger and bigger. Their plans to create sites in Nottingham, Coventry and Northampton means that market shares in this business are going to boom.

So let’s take a look at what’s about to happen and how it’ll strengthen this company.

Readymix Concrete Collection From Whetstone Concrete Plant in Leicester

Up and Up …

As a company, there’s no doubt that Maxi has gone from strength to strength since it’s formation.

Their state of the art concrete plant means that they can produce excellent mixes with ease, and their fleet of vehicles, workers and systems is always growing.

It’s all been designed to serve the Leicestershire area best, and there’s no question that Maxi does work hard to make sure it’s considered a go-to provider.

James Abraham, the Director of Maxi, had this to say:

‘The investments into the business since we started and a focus on great customer service has allowed us to become a go-to name for the supply of ready-mixed concrete for commercial and domestic markets across Leicestershire and we’re immensely proud of what we’ve achieved.

As a business, we now feel the logical way forward is to extend our winning formula further afield into other markets going into 2019 and beyond’.

Recent Successes …

An unwavering commitment to high-level customer service means that Maxi provides nothing but the best for all its customers, and this has translated well into excellent reviews. They’ve been featured in the Leicester Mercury twice now, which is a paper of some repute in Leicestershire.

Leicester Mercury

They have also seen the research and deployment of a new product exclusive to Maxi – Maxi Ultimate is a flowing cementitious screed but has a rapid drying time, the ability to have people walk on it after just 24 hours, and the ability to be put down in wet areas.

Naturally, this brings with it a lot of different implications and potential applications. It’s all part of Maxi’s evident commitment to providing an innovative concrete service.

Overall, the new expansion into the Midlands marks an exhilarating time for the company, and it’s evident to anyone that they will continue to move forward and grow as an organisation.

The company is built on the idea that there’s no limit to how far ahead they can move while providing people with the same exceptional service. Concrete remains one of the most critical elements of our world – we use it to build so many different structures. It is no wonder that many therefore provide it to the public at large.

However, few can claim to have the same overwhelmingly positive reception as Maxi, who continue to expand into the future.

Maxi ReadyMix in the Leicester Mercury

Jim and his sone James and Mitch in a picture for the Leicester Mercury by Mike Sewell …