Specialist Concrete Plant at Maxi Readymix

Specialist Concrete – Advanced Technology at Maxi Readymix …

To be able to produce the highest quality Specialist Concrete Products at the best prices we’ve invested in what is the most technologically advanced concrete plant in the Midlands today.

This puts us at the forefront of our industry making us by far the best choice for specialist concrete services that are backed up by a highly knowledgeable team who are always on hand to offer advice, whatever the size of your project.

Specialist Concrete – Liebherr Betomix 2.66m3 Twin Shaft Wet Batch Plant …

Specialist Concrete Plants from Liebher

Quite a mouthful isn’t it?

And believe us this concrete plant is just as impressive in its specification as it is in its name.

We extensively researched plant technologies the world over to find a plant capable of producing the various applications of specialist concrete that we offer to the scale that is often required.

We eventually settled on the above technology from the German manufacturer, Liebherr, due to their vast expertise and very good industry standing the world over.

As engineering companies go, Liebherr’s reputation and quality of product is second to none.

They were founded in 1949 by Hans Liebherr in Kirchdorf, Germany, and they’ve been so successful that they now trade worldwide across 130 companies broken down into 10 main divisions.

They are probably best known for their fridges and freezers but, in actuality, their expertise is far wider ranging than that.

The technology used in some of their cranes, for instance, has won industry awards and they are also responsible for building the world’s second largest truck – the T 282 B. Another catchy name.

Above and beyond the level of our competitors …

We installed the Betomix in 2014 and it has been faithfully supplying the highest quality specialist concrete services from our Whetstone Plant in Leicester ever since.

In terms of the detail, its high specification makes it capable of producing 110m3 of compacted concrete per/hour with a silo capacity of 400 tonnes and an aggregate capacity of 650 tonnes – in a nutshell in terms of concrete production there’s little, if anything, it can’t do.

And, to allow it to produce a whole array of specialist concretes exactly to the specification required, we have installed additional slump monitoring devices that sit inside the mixer ensuring the desired slump/flow and workability are achieved for any specified concrete mix, before it’s released into the mixer vehicle and transported.

This makes the variety of specialist concrete applications we offer the broadest on the market in the Midlands today and below is just a selection of what we have to offer:

* Housing Applications

* Agricultural Applications

* Screed Applications

* Pumping Applications

* Flowing Applications

* Environmental Applications.

This is to name just the main broad categories – to see further details on the whole range of specialist concrete click here.

Also, if you have highly specific requirements we’re able to develop and produce totally bespoke mixes to suit your needs. Do get in touch to discuss how we can help.