Waterproof Concrete at the Kingpower Stadium

Waterproof concrete helps the Foxes have an ice time…

The Foxes, otherwise known as Leicester City football club, chose MaxiWater, our waterproof concrete, for the construction of their post-match ice baths.

MaxiWater is our own branded concrete product for use when a structure needs to be waterproof or watertight.

We delivered this top-grade concrete to the King Power Stadium, the home of Leicester City.

As you’re probably aware, the club recently won the Premier League title, in what has been described by many as one of the greatest sporting stories of all time.

After almost facing relegation last season, they went from being the tournament outsiders, with huge odds stacked against them, to scoring a tremendous victory. Well done, Leicester! 

A club at the top of the league deserves the best in sporting after-care. With this in mind, the club requested a high quality waterproof concrete for the construction of ice baths at the ground.

Maxi Concrete Mixer at the King Power Stadium in Leicester

An ice bath may not sound very appealing to many people, however it is a common treatment used by a host of top athletes to aid muscle recovery and prevent injury.

The idea is that exposure to the cold water for five to ten minutes helps repair any damage done to the muscle fibres. It also reduces any soreness in the muscles and removes waste products, like lactic acid.

An accumulation of lactic acid can inhibit muscle function and create a feeling of fatigue. It looks like the ice baths will be a welcome and necessary addition to post-match recovery.

Anything to keep the champions of the Premier League in tip-top shape. But rather them than us! 

But why are we drawing attention to waterproof concrete? After all, isn’t all concrete waterproof?

Actually, no.

Typically, ordinary concrete, even that of the highest quality, is not waterproof as it’s porous and therefore allows moisture to seep through the surface.  To make it waterproof, the size of the pores needs to be minimised and existing pores filled in.

waterproof concrete

MaxiWater is the product to use for structures that call for waterproof or watertight concrete.

It’s important that waterproof concrete is used to prevent the damage that water penetration can cause. Wet concrete can lead to a host of issues including the formation of mould and deterioration within a structure.

Waterproof means the concrete is damp-proof. Whereas, watertight can be used where dampness or humidity is not a major concern.

MaxiWater is suitable for a variety of structures which require water to kept in or kept out.

From basements and tunnels, through to water tanks and sewage treatment works, it provides a waterproof concrete solution of superior quality. Plus, it offers a range of benefits including enhanced long term performance.

Exactly what the team at Leicester City wanted for their ice baths.

If you’re planning any construction where you need waterproof concrete, please speak to our knowledgeable team and we’ll offer you our best advice.