Maxi Delivery Lorries in Leicester

2018 – Another great year for Maxi ReadyMix …

Having already successfully achieved so much this year in 2018, including an ever growing fleet of vehicles, expanding to wider delivery areas, introducing our clever computerised systems and furthering our range of product mixes and sizes – we are certainly looking forward to seeing what else we can achieve in 2019.

But in our final News piece this year we want to cast our eye back over the major achievements in 2018.

New On Site Concrete Solutions …

Not only do we have our own fleet of trucks, which are fully equipped to supply small domestic projects from 0.5m3 to large commercial projects, but in the last year we have also developed our own Onsite Concrete Solutions that ensure you only ever pay for what you need.

As standard practice we ensure this is done to BSI standards. Combine all of this with our impressive scheduled delivery services, which enables us to cater for our clients at a time best suited to them, and exceptional customer service, and you begin to learn why we are one of the leading suppliers of ready mix concrete and will continue to be within the years to come.

New Product developed …

maxi ultimate brand new flowing floor screed

This year we introduced our new Maxi Ultimate – a cementitious flowing screed.

This new product has the same performance and flow of its counterpart Maxi Gyvlon but with added benefits, including being able to take foot traffic after just 24-48 hours, no surface laitance, outstanding thermal conductivity, self compacting properties and the ability to be applied in wet areas.

This incredible new product has already made a tremendous positive impact on our business in 2018 and we can’t wait to see how it performs in 2019.

Maxi in the Press again …

MaxiUltimate on Agg-Net

We were delighted earlier this year when our new Maxi Ultimate was featured on Agg.Net the online information hub for aggregates and other related heavy construction industries.

We believe that the addition of Maxi Ultimate to our ever-growing range of products perfectly demonstrates our commitment to driving the brand forward and we hope to be able to continue offering our customers new, exciting and even revolutionary products in the years to come.  

Further expansion in 2019 …


2019 will see us expand our delivery network into Nottingham, Coventry and Northampton to increase our market share across the Midlands.

To back this up we also plan to create three brand new websites specifically dedicated to serving the three new areas.

James Abraham, the Director of Maxi, had this to say:

“The investments into the business since we started and a focus on great customer service has allowed us to become a go-to name for the supply of ready-mixed concrete for commercial and domestic markets across Leicestershire and we’re immensely proud of what we’ve achieved.

As a business, we now feel the logical way forward is to extend our winning formula further afield into other markets going into 2019 and beyond.”

The new expansion into the Midlands marks an extremely exhilarating time for the company, and it’s clear to anyone that the only way Maxi will be going is Up!