Some great resources for anyone involved with concrete …

If you’re working in the concrete/construction industry and you’re looking for a bit of extra help or guidance, there are lots of resources out there, especially online. Here’s our countdown of some of the best resources for anyone involved with concrete.


Independent membership organisations such as the concrete centre and the concrete society are dedicated to supporting those in the concrete industry and provide an excellent variety of resources for people working in that sector. These include things like technical advice/ training, a wealth of helpful information and content, as well as educational seminars and lectures around the country.


Nowadays there’s an excellent range of computer programs designed to aid designers throughout the construction process. This includes software such as SAFE; a great tool for designing concrete floor and foundation systems, and RC Spreadsheets which can assist designers with complicated design calculations.


The internet is a hotbed of information for those working in the construction industry and there are hundreds of great blogs offering concrete design tutorials as well useful hints and tips on working with concrete.


Conferences and lectures are regularly hosted up and down the country and give you a chance to learn from some of the industry’s leading experts. Both the Concrete Society and the Concrete Centre host their own seminars and you can find a list of upcoming dates on their website.


Periodical magazines are an excellent resource for people in the concrete industry. Both the Concrete Society and the Concrete Centre publish their own magazines – the concrete quarterly and the concrete magazine. These are available both in print as well as on-line and feature a wealth of information including upcoming industry events, the latest product/services as well as technical information covering the design, manufacture and application of concrete.


Books are an excellent resource and there are masses of publications on concrete design, formwork and construction. Amazon offer a wide selection, however this list of industry staples from is an excellent place to start.


Webinars provide you with an excellent opportunity to access valuable information from literally anywhere. The concrete centre regularly hosts their own webinars which are aimed at architects and engineers in the concrete industry and provide an excellent range of information delivered by industry experts.