Concrete For DIY: Which Mix Do I Need?

More and more people are choosing to undergo DIY projects within their homes. Whether it’s creating your dream furniture, redoing your driveway or craft projects with the kids; getting the materials right is vital. Concrete is one of those tricky materials that often leaves DIYers confused, but getting the concrete mix you choose will make or break your project.

Ready-mix concrete is by far the most popular concrete for DIY projects for many reasons. It consists of sand, rock, water and cement and is available in different consistencies for different uses. Ready-mix concrete suppliers will create batches of this concrete that are already mixed for specific jobs, making them precise in texture and measurement. Choosing the correct type of ready mix concrete is important and will depend on your DIY project.

Wet Mixes Or Dry Mixes?

Ready-mix concrete is available as both dry mixes and wet mixes. Dry mixes are generally available in hardware stores. They are suited to very small DIY jobs because they just need water adding to mix and are ready to go.

Most local batch plants will only create wet mix concretes, which have the water already added. They are delivered using a cement truck, and because the water has been added, the cement is activated. This means it can’t be stored in bags or warehouses and requires continuous mixing and immediate use.

Concrete For Driveways, Paths And Large DIY Projects …

concrete for driveways

Ready-mix concrete has many different uses, and commercially it is used for building foundations, bridge supports and tunnels. When it comes to DIY projects, wet ready mix concrete is ideal for those where large amounts of concrete are needed. This includes driveways, garden paths, flooring or patios. Because ready mix concrete is versatile and easy to use, it is a firm favourite among DIYers. Some people consider using asphalt for similar projects; however, concrete is long-lasting and can handle more weight.

Dry ready mix concrete is not a good option for large DIY projects, because there is no option for customising the mix and create a large volume from a dry mix is no easy task.

If you’re looking to create a driveway or path or patio, the MaxiPave is the perfect choice for these DIY projects.

Concrete For Garage Flooring …

Another popular DIY project is to redo the garage and input a new, more durable garage floor. We recommend MaxiFloor Plus. With this type of concrete, we select only the highest quality aggregate to ensure the most consistency for the flooring. This type of concrete is incredibly durable and long-lasting, as it is a high-strength product.

Concrete For Garden Walls …

concrete for garden walls

If your next DIY job is to improve your garden walls, then concrete can help to ensure your foundations stand the test of time. For this, and all other foundation building projects, we recommend MaxiFoundation.

Concrete For Crafting, Garden Furniture And Small DIY Projects …

There are hundreds of amazing DIY crafts that can be created using concrete, with everything from customised door handles and candle holders to furniture and fire pits. Whatever it is you have decided to create at home, dry ready mix concrete is likely to be your best choice. It is easy to use as you just add water and mix, and you can decide on the quantity that you need. It can be tricky to get the right consistency with water, and projects will need to be created quickly to avoid setting.

This is why dry mixes are only really suitable for these small DIY projects, where time and consistency aren’t as vital. For very quick DIY jobs, it is possible to get fast set ready mixes which can cut down on drying times.

Finding The Best Concrete For You …

At Maxi, we can tailor your ready-mix concrete specifically for your project. If you are making the most of time at home and completing DIY, then check out Maxi Minimix. You can order your concrete online here, or call our team for expert advice and we’ll be able to recommend the right type of concrete for your DIY needs.

If you are completing a larger or commercial project, then the team at Maxi are here to help you determine which concrete is best and organise a quick, seamless delivery. Simply get in touch to find out more.