Ready Mixed Cement or Ready Mixed Concrete?

Huge surge in DIY Projects during Lockdown …

As the country has ground to a halt during the Coronavirus lockdown, thousands of homeowners have been spending their time working on DIY projects. With everything from redecorating projects to building patios, people are undertaking various jobs to enhance their properties. A recent survey revealed that over 50% of homeowners had noticed faults and damage in their homes that they had previously not seen. Co-op Insurance announced that their latest study showed that 27% of UK adults had completed a DIY project in the past few weeks.

With so many people choosing to combat their boredom during lockdown with DIY jobs, it is no surprise that Maxi has seen online sales soar by 350%. Here at Maxi, we are proud to have been able to help many homeowners complete their renovations during this unprecedented time. There are so many ways that our ready mix concrete can be used around your home, and ordering couldn’t be easier.

MiniMix Concrete Deliveries

How Can Maxi Ready Mix Concrete Help With Your DIY Projects?

Our ready mix concrete is versatile enough to be used for a vast range of DIY jobs around the home. Because all our concrete is pre-mixed and ready to use straight away, there is no hassle of quantities and mixing. Some of the most popular DIY projects using our concrete include;

  • Concrete Paths And Patios

Many homeowners are spending their time revamping their outdoor spaces and gardens. Due to the warm weather, many people are spending more time than ever in their gardens. Our ready mix concrete can be used to create pathways and patios in the garden easily. Choosing ready mix concrete is ideal for large patios because it saves a considerable amount of time.

  • Extensions And Conservatories

With a wealth of information available, many more DIYers are taking on extensive projects such as creating their own extensions, conservatories and garden rooms. Maxi has been able to help with preparing the right concrete for the foundations of these structures. With MaxiFoundation and MaxiFoundation Plus, DIYers have the ideal concrete solution for high strength foundations and retaining walls.

  • Flooring

For those looking to upgrade their existing space, changing and enhancing the flooring can be a fantastic way to improve the usability of the space. For example, re-concreting the garage floor can make it a safer place for car storage and with MaxiFloor Plus can withstand the impact of any dropped tools or the weight of any machinery that you store in the garage.

Concrete shed base

Ordering Maxi Ready Mix Concrete For DIY Projects

Our customers choose us for their ready mix concrete because of our high-quality products and secure online ordering. Our concrete calculator can be used to determine precisely how much you will need for your project, and we also have a handy guide to our types of concrete.

Once you know what you need and how much, you can order online on our website in minutes. You can choose your preferred delivery slot and add any extra services you might need for your projects, such as pump hire, 10mm aggregate or an air entrainer.

Start your DIY project today by ordering your concrete from us here