Concrete Pump Hire: A Mini Guide

For some building projects, it is not always easy to get a concrete mixer truck close enough to where you need the concrete to be poured.

When this is the case, concrete pump hire can be a great way to make pouring concrete quick and efficient, despite any restrictions that your site may have. For example, if you need to concrete below the ground, or perhaps several floors up, a truck or wheelbarrow just isn’t going to suffice. If this is the case, then a concrete pump may be the solution for you.

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What is a concrete pump?

A concrete pump is a channel that can direct the flow of concrete from the delivery truck, to wherever you may need it. We offer both line and boom concrete pumps. Line concrete pumps are great for covering long distances where access is challenging. Boom concrete pumps use a hydraulic arm, which means the concrete can be lifted up and over obstacles such as over walls or perhaps reaching up to high storeys of the building project. 

As concrete pumps allow quick and efficient delivery of concrete from the truck, many decide that a concrete pump can be beneficial, even when delivery may be relatively straightforward. 

concrete pump hire

The benefits of concrete pump hire …

  1. Speed:

A typical concrete pump can deliver around one cubic metre of concrete per minute. When you consider the time it would take to transport this volume of concrete with wheelbarrows, you can save time and improve project efficiency.  

  1. Reduce your workforce:

When concrete arrives on site, it is usually all hands on deck. However, with a concrete pump, it does the hard work for you. This means you may need less labour on-site. Alternatively, your workforce may be able to use their skills elsewhere, saving you time and money. 

  1. Accuracy:

Using concrete pump hire means you can get a high level of accuracy with the finish. Its small outlet means you can supply concrete only where you need it to be. Furthermore, you can have control over the volume and flow rate too, for even more precision. This level of accuracy also means the finish is to a high standard too. A high-quality finish means customer satisfaction. 

Concrete pump hire with Maxi …

At Maxi, we offer concrete pump hire as well as ready-mix concrete. Order both, and we’ll coordinate the supply for you, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Book your concrete pump hire and concrete today by calling 0116 289 1234