What Are The Sustainability Benefits Of Concrete?

Sustainability is now at the heart of almost every building project. This is leading everyone in the industry, from architects to construction workers, to think about how they can bring the most environmentally and cost-effective benefits to a project. However, one of the materials that many people overlook when searching for a sustainable option is concrete. So, just what are the sustainable benefits of concrete?

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Why is concrete a sustainable material?

  1. Energy efficient

For buildings, concrete offers favourable thermal mass properties. This means that buildings made of concrete typically require much less heating energy than properties made from more lightweight construction materials. Consequently, concrete structures consume around 15% less heating energy than equivalent buildings. 

  1. Long service life

Buildings that use concrete in its construction are built to last. As a result, concrete structures can have a service life for much longer than many other materials. While other constructions may fail due to wear, tear and age, concrete can last much longer. If the use of the structure changes, it is easy to strip a building back to its concrete core, and then create a new layer, so the building remains relevant. 

  1. Water resilient

In flood-risk areas and buildings in damp areas, concrete can be a sustainable choice for its resilience. During a flood situation, concrete can maintain its integrity. Consequently, the structure should remain safe. After water submersion, concrete simply needs drying out and cleaning. In comparison to other materials which are often destroyed and need replacing. 


Making the concrete industry more sustainable.

Of course, one of the main concerns is the sustainability and eco-friendliness of the concrete industry. However, there have already been many improvements in the industry, such as switching from coal to gas and renewable energies which have already reduced CO2 emissions by around 55% since 1990. 

The concrete industry is also working towards cleaner production methods and strict specification to adhere to which promote concrete as a sustainable material of choice. 

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