concrete testing

The When, Why and How of Concrete Testing …

Concrete testing is a key part of the quality assurance process for many of our customers. As an integral part of our services, we undertake cube testing on request to ensure that your concrete has the optimum compressive strength. 

Yet many people are initially uncertain about when and if they should use the service. We would recommend concrete testing for all new materials and products to ensure they are fully compliant and up to British and European quality standards. While some service providers recommend testing before or during construction, we would advise cube testing over a series of 7, 14 and 28 days. Testing can also be done should the site experience a change of use, to ensure the concrete remains fit for purpose.

Testing will determine whether your site demonstrates full compliance with your concrete specification requirements and will develop the required compressive strength within the appropriate time frame. It can also be used to predict service life.

Slump Cone Testing

How is Concrete Testing Done?

We undertake concrete cube testing which involves taking a good sample from the pour and undertaking a slump test. We then create a pre-determined quantity of cubes. Usually no more than three cubes are needed but this can vary widely depending on the scope of the site. Cubes are moulded to the required standard and stored in our specialised, temperature-controlled environment. 

Cubes are taken out at 7, 14 and 28 days and dried off. We check that all grit and dirt is removed, and we also do a visual check for any damage which may affect the accuracy of results. Before testing the cube on our specialised machines, we use stronger and stronger pressure to determine the concrete’s maximum endurance and workability. 

We will also look at the consistency of the concrete and the flexural strength. Depending on the individual site, we may also look at air content, moisture movement and permeability.

Our expert team are highly skilled, experienced and accredited in both the testing itself as well as accurately and efficiently interpreting results. All of our tests are fully accredited and comprehensive to accurately determine the strength of your concrete and assess its suitability for purpose. Your results are available following the 28-day test and our technical team will be on hand to answer any queries you might have. Where required, results can be emailed.

For more information on any aspect of concrete testing, give us a call today.