What is MaxiGyvlon and what are the benefits?

There’s no denying just how diverse concrete can be within the world of construction, which explains why it’s one of the most commonly-used materials within the industry.

However, over time the requirements of many consumers and businesses can change, and while they will always want the robust benefits that concrete offers, they sometimes require something a little more advanced for their needs.

Maxi Gyvlon Being Laid

Introducing Gyvlon Flowing Screed from Maxi …

When it comes to concrete applications, MaxiGyvlon offers the same properties as regular concrete, albeit with many added benefits.

It is a free-flowing, self-levelling concrete that can be used bonded, unbonded or floating. It is self-compacting, and can even be used in conjunction with an under-floor heating solution.

This free-flowing screed is a popular choice for homeowners and business owners alike. It offers a strong foundation that can be used over large areas from gyms and sports halls to domestic house floors.

One great example can be the erection of a new garage. As you will be storing vehicles, you will need a robust platform, and MaxiGyvlon offers this in abundance. In fact, the properties on offer mean that no additional reinforcement is required.

MaxiGyvlon Being Dappled MaxiGyvlon Finished Floor

Other benefits …

Strength is important when it comes to purchasing concrete, but there are other benefits associated with flowing floor screeds when compared to other solutions.

For example, the Gyvlon SP has a special additive that eliminates the need to sand the area early, this ensures that the laying of concrete is a much-easier endeavour all round.

Time is an all-important factor with the laying of any concrete and the quick, free-flowing nature of our MaxiGyvlon makes it far superior to other concrete mixes in this area.

As a rule, 28 days is the normal time that should be allowed for the concrete to dry, and there’s very little we can do this, unless we seek out an alternative solution. As well as being easy to apply, MaxiGyvlon can be force-dried after 7 days, ensuring your project is finished sooner rather than later.

MaxiGyvlon is also the only solution that offers a guaranteed thermal performance. This is ideal for those who are looking to install underfloor heating.

You can read more about gyvlon screeds here or you can simply buy our very own MaxiGyvlon here.