The Concrete Society – not just about the concrete …

Here at Maxi we are experts in ready mixed concrete, supplying excellent quality service and products to a variety of different businesses and sectors.

Not only do we care about our service, but we also make sure that we have our finger on the pulse throughout the industry.

One website that we often like to take a look at is The Concrete Society.

Recently celebrating their 50 year anniversary, The Concrete Society is a fully independent member based body, one that has no affiliation to a trade organisation.

The Concrete Society – an information service …

 They are dedicated to providing all of the relevant information that is needed by a variety of different companies that rely on concrete and its uses. This includes suppliers, engineers, architects and contractors.

The Concrete Society have developed the independent Concrete Advisory Service, which is the place to turn to in order to get a whole host of impartial and technical advice on a variety of matters that relate to concrete. Their advice is delivered promptly and is readily available to any of the subscribing members of the society.


Sharing advice and co-operating …

The Society exists and thrives thanks to the members.

These members come from a variety of different sectors and industries. In having all of these members, they have created a place where information and advice can be exchanged with ease. All with a view to enhance the way concrete works and performs as a construction tool.

Dedicated team …

Not only does The Concrete Society rely on its members, but it also has a dedicated team on hand to support the members that have joined. These staff not only include administrative staff, but also technical staff too.

Networking and events …

The Concrete Society also understands the importance of networking and interaction throughout the various industries it’s involved with. This is why they organise a number of social and more technical based events up and down the UK.

These events are designed to offer the opportunity to take in more learning, as well as highlight some better ways of working. They are also a chance for those people who are members to widen their own network and connections, as well as find themselves in a forum for discussion and sharing ideas.

Now that you know more about The Concrete Society, you can see why we take such an active interest in their activities. It showcases our dedication to not only providing the very best service to all our clients, but also how we are determined to improve our own service.

Want to know more about The Concrete Society and how it works? Their website is the best place to start!

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