flowing floor screeds

Introducing MaxiUltimate; The next generation of Flowing Floor Screed …

Give your flooring the perfect finish with our new brand of flowing floor screed – MaxiUltimate.

Maxiultimate is a general purpose screed similar to Maxi Gyvlon, our existing self levelling concrete, but with several crucial differences.

Maxi Ultimate is superior in both drying time and thermal conductivity meaning it can hold foot traffic as soon as 24-48 hours after laying. Additional benefits include the ability to be applied in wet areas and a handy self compacting design ensuring it leaves no voids around UFH pipes.

maxi ultimate brand new flowing floor screed

Is it always necessary to use a flowing floor screed?

It is not always necessary to lay a screed before your chosen floor finish, however a good screed that’s been laid around 75mm thick over a sub-floor can dramatically improve the finished results. A screed mix can help give you a smooth, level finish when it comes to laying your floor and when done professionally can make a big difference.  


Why use Maxi Screeds over other types of flowing floor screed?

Traditionally screed is made up of one part cement, to three parts sharp sand and mixed on site with a mixer.

However, due to the intense labour times and costs involved, most people now choose to buy in ready-mixed screeds which can be delivered to the site by lorry, saving valuable time and money.

MaxiScreed has been developed using Maxi’s time honoured formula in order to create a self-levelling concrete that is also self-compacting. It can be used Bonded, Unbonded or Floating and with or without under-floor heating.

We offer several different types of floor screed, depending on your requirements and it’s intended use.

These include the two brands mentioned above as well as Maxi Gyvlon XTR – Extra strength screed for higher loading areas such as Sports Halls & Leisure facilities and Maxi Thermio, a screed that guarantees thermal performance and provides the perfect solution for improving under-floor heating systems.

Our screed solutions all boast faster drying and laying times than traditional sharp sand screed and can be ordered to any site within the Leicestershire area. For more information on any of our screed applications, please visit our dedicated page here.