Brand New – Mix Onsite Concrete – the Maxi way …

Here at Maxi we specialise in handy ready mixed concrete solutions ideal for both small and larger projects. We have over 25 years’ experience in the industry and offer an unrivalled, high quality product and distribution service.

What is Volumetric or Mix Onsite Concrete?

Advancements in technology have revolutionised the way we mix concrete today.

Volumetric mixing trucks can mix concrete on site at a far greater degree of accuracy than can be mixed by hand and because it’s mixed on site there is very little wastage, allowing you to mix as much, or as little concrete as you need.

Volumetric mixers carry each individual concrete ingredient in divided bins onboard the truck. The cement itself is stored in a water tight container with automatic vibrators to insure accurate cement proportioning and constant cement flow.

Because the individual aggregates are stored in separate compartments, the mix can be tailored specifically to on-site requirements.


So why use Maxi on-site concrete solutions?

Whilst onsite concrete mixed by volumetric trucks is ideal for some projects, others may require the use of a broader range of ready-mixed concrete. For example, it might not always be economical to mix concrete on site or the space on site may be too limited for the use of onsite mixing trucks.

Here at Maxi, we’ve combined the best elements of both on-site and plant-mixed concrete by offering customers our very own brand of mix onsite concrete.

Mixed in our state of the art Liebherr Concrete Plant, we produce a high-quality concrete tailored exactly to your specifications and mixed to BSI standards.

We understand that the downside of read-mix concrete is that you sometimes order more than you need, which is why if you order our on-site ready mixed concrete, we will refund the price of any concrete that you don’t use.

All our concrete is mixed at our concrete plant’s state of the art facilities in Whetstone, Leicester and can be delivered anywhere within a two-hour radius. Featuring a Betomix 2.66m3 twin shaft, our wet batch plant is capable of producing 110m3 of compacted concrete per hour.

Our plant is also equipped with state-­of-­the-art microwave moisture sensors in order to closely monitor water content in the sand, thus ensuring the best quality concrete possible.